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Okell Waterproofing

Seals your building against the wettest forces of nature, from wind driven rain to underground water leakage. Large or small, let Okell WATERPROOFING LTD provide the best solution for your water problems.

Fixing Leaky Buildings and Homes is Our Business…and Business Is Good!

Property Managers and Building Owners have trusted their water problems to OKELL WATERPROOFING LTD. for years. From the top-of-the-roof to the bottom-of-the-concrete foundation, we have the experience and state-of-the-art technology to seal industrial, commercial and residential buildings against all types of water penetration.

Using the newest technology and the best quality products, OKELL WATERPROOFING LTD. works quickly and expertly to repair or replace roofs, caulk windows and seal brick or stucco. We also provide complete exterior restoration… from structural reinforcement and concrete stabilization to the waterproofing of foundations with a wide range of elastomeric products.

Okell Waterproofing Services

Specialized Wall Coatings

Water, by driven rain, through stucco, brick or concrete blocks is a problem particular to the West Coast. Restoration processes incorporate the use of a wide variety of quality, waterproof coatings and sealants available in clear and pigmented selections. The component membranes are available in acrylic, vinyl, silicon, silane, latex enriched or co-polymerized organic. These are selected based on the requirements of the project.

Below Grade Membrane Applications

Problems with water leakage and damage are most commonly seen in underground parkades, concrete below-ground foundation walls and concrete planters. Restoration by membrane application varies from fluid-applied polyurethane, bitumen-based peel and stick to rubber-based cold-applied products and, when required or recommended, cementitious brush-on coatings.

Masonry, Concrete & Drainage Restoration

Cracked concrete, deteriorating mortar, spalling concrete columns, honeycombed foundation walls… these are just a few indications of water problems. Resolution of these types of damage is as varied as the problems involved. A full range of cementitious products and services are available…including waterproof mortar, epoxy-based patching compounds, acrylic bonding agents for admixtures, fast-setting patch repair, expanding hydraulic grout, heritage restoration procedures, hairline crack injection and much more including drainage re-construction.

Roof Repair and Replacement

Roof restoration can be a real challenge. Repair it… or replace it? What direction should you, the customer, choose…and, what is most cost-efficient? With the availability and selection of current membrane processes – including single-ply E.PD.M. or single layer cold applied peel and stick bitumen based sheets – you can be assured that OKELL WATERPROOFING LTD will work with you to select the proper result.

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